Fire Hall Distances to Goulais River Locations

Hall distance to locations.  Courtesy of the Goulais River Fire Department.

My Insurance company wants to no how far
I live from the Goulais Fire Hall

All Distances Start from Hall to Location:

Pineshores distance in km’s                                   October 30th 2014

Mahler Road                                     .4
Old Hwy 17 Rd. Intersection          1.5
Anderson Road                               2.0
Anglican Church Rd.                       2.3
Post Office Rd                                2.9
Hwy 551 West/East                        3.7
Pineshores Road                             6.0
Bye Side Rd.                                  7.8
Goulais Bay Rd.                              8.6
Old Goulais Bay Rd                        8.7
Friendly Lane                                  9.3
Young Rd.                                       9.5
Thielman Rd.                                   9.8
Front Rd. “1012 A/B Pineshores” 11.4

Olar Subdivision Rd.                      12.2

Sundial Rd.                                    13.8

Water Crescent                              13.2

To 1690 Pineshores                        14.7

Distance from Hall to Locations North @ Haviland Area

To Karlash                                      1.2   km

To Moskal                                       1.6

Old Hwy 17 Rd.                              1.9

Dump                                              3.5

Haviland Shores and causeway       6.8

Stokley Creek                                 7.5

Gitchee Gummi                                 8

Black Creek                                     9

Douglas Road                                  9.9

Goodenough                                   14.3

Elenor                                             14.6

Humphrey Circle                             14.7

Albert Terrace                                14.9

Lodema                                          15.1

Olney                                             15.2

Harmony Beach South   10.1

Linstedt                        16.2

Wolf Lake                     11.1

North Boundary           16.3

Irwin Island                    12.3

Old Mill Bay Camp        14.7

Distance from Hall to

Anglican Church Road                      2.3
Hwy 552 West/ East                         3.7
Nardi Side Road                              3.9
Mandy Lane                                     4.6
Ellis Road                                          5.1
Captain Tilley Park                            5.6
Goulais Bay Road                             5.9
Rooley Lane                                     6.5
Island Road                                     7.2
Mission Road                                   7.9
Grant Road- Kenna Lane &
End of Hwy 552 W                           9.1

End of Grant Road                           11.3

Distance from hall to Mission Road 7.9km

Rocky Ridge                                     10.8

Green Acres Dr                                 12.1
Rennison Road                                  12.6
Packer Lane                                     14.4

4 Season Drive                                  17.9

James Street                                      20.1

Coulis Road                                       21.2

Foot Hill Road                                  21.9
End of Mission Road- Dock              22.3


4 Season Drive

4 Season Drive                                  17.9
Bluewater Road                                 18.5
Sand Bay Road                                  20.7

Birch Point Circle                               22.9
End of Road                                       30.7

Nils Bay Road
Nils Bay Road                                   22.9
Birch Street                                       25.4
Pine Street                                         25.6
Cedar St.                                           27.2
End of Road                                       27.5

Distances from hall to Bellevue Valley —  Hwy 552 East

Best Road                                          4.6
Pruce Road                                        7.6
Eagle Mine Road                                8.4
Groth Road                                        8.4
Bellevue Valley Rd – Witry Rd.         10.1
End of Jurisdiction                             13.1

Bellevue Valley Road                        10.1
Martha Road                                    11.5
Monette Side Rd & Kirby Rd.          11.7
Hwy 556                                          15.0

Kirby Road                                       11.7
Maple Road                                      12.2
Homestead Road                              12.4
End of Kirby                                     14.4

If your road is not listed.
At this time your best choice is to drive from your property
to the Fire Hall and measure it for yourself.

Goulais Fire Hall is at 240 Old Hwy 17,
located at the corner of Mahler Road and Old Hwy 17

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